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On Aneta Šmrhová

Re-reading The Crimson Shadow, one of the many small things that pop out for me is the character of Lieutenant
Aneta Šmrhová. She has a nice bit of development in this novel, especially in her exchanges with Worf and Dygan: passionate, focused, willing to bend the rules.

I like her. There's something in her character that reminds me of Tasha Yar, or at least of Tasha Yar's potential as a rising young tactical/security officer willing to take risks on behalf of the helpless and the needy. Her appearance in McCormack' latest notwithstanding, Šmrhová was introduced by David Mack in his Destiny trilogy and later received more sustained development in the different volumes of the Cold Equations trilogy of last year.

She's a personality, and I look forward to her continued development.
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