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Re: USA and UK surviving into the Trek era

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More Evidence the Soviet Union exists in the 24th century:

The SS Tsiolkovsky.
Isn't that a novelty gift from the Tsiolkovsky Museum? I believe you can see it there now.
I'm not sure. I do remember hearing a complaint brought up that they spelled his name wrong, though not being able to read Russian, I can't verify that. I'd like to think a museum in his honor wouldn't have made such a mistake, though it would be funny if they did. Either way, novelty gift or not it was written in the language of the universe to be a prop in the universe. Granted the USSR was still a going concern in 1988.

I mean since the whole Eugenics war bit were supposed to happen in the 90's it's more than clear that the Trek timeline "diverged" from ours long ago, so the Soviet Union not falling is hardly a game breaker.
I don't understand. Tsiolkovsky was a pioneer in the development of rocket technology. Why wouldn't he get a starship named after him?
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