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Legally, the Federation cannot have jurisdiction over an inhabited planet that is not a member world of the Federation. Except in cases of war/conquered territory, or maybe some sort of special treaty situation, of course.

The very existence of the Prime Directive is an indication of how seriously the Federation is supposed to take the idea of every people's right to their own sovereignty, regardless of how technologically developed they are. To suggest that they would then be perfectly ok with a legal construction giving them 'jurisdiction' over planets that are not already inhabited, because their inhabitants are advanced enough have interstellar relations makes no sense.

Another problem here is the fact that the Federation doesn't even know up front that the Baku aren't native, which means Dougherty is conspiring to basically the most massive violation of the prime directive ever shown. In other words, blatantly illegal.
The problem with the Prime Directive Argument is, couldn't the Son'a have used it to keep the Federation from doing anything to stop the Son'a from kicking the Ba'ku off the planet? If the Son'a are really Ba'ku, why couldn't they have used that as a basis to lay claim to the planet and then keep the Federation out by saying its an internal Ba'ku matter.

It seems like the Son'a could have won by just telling the truth, which makes them pretty ineffective villains.
Well, since they left the planet for a hundred years, their claim may be a bit weak. Still - it's entirely possible the Federation would decide not to get involved, what with the Dominion war going on at the same time. Maybe the Sona just really didn't understand the Federation very well and were basing their decisions on what they thought the Fed. might do.
How is their claim weak? The only reason they left the planet is because they forced out by the Ba'ku and now they are using force to kick the Ba'ku off the planet. So they are doing the same thing the Ba'ku did to them.

Plus the Son'a really should have studied everything they could have about the Federation before they entered into a alliance with them, it seems like with a little research they would have found out about the PD and then used it to their advantage.

If the PD prevents the Federation from stopping Cardassia from ravaging Bajor, why wouldn't prevent the Federation from doing anything to stop the Son'a?

That is why making the Son'a Ba'ku didn't work. If the Son'a were just really evil alien invaders who just wanted to live forever, then they would make more sense as characters.
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