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Re: Wiped Episode Discoveries

Morris' statement just says that Web 3 wasn't with the rest of the film cans that contained the eleven episodes. Vanezis has reiterated that, and denied that the episode "has been found but is damaged, or is being held back, or whatever." I'll leave it to others to parse that, as someone probably should.

Meanwhile, this article comes closest to addressing the remaining rumors:
The elephant in the room was never quite addressed – is this haul the tip of the iceberg and to what extent has there been an element of hostage negotiation in the episodes’ recovery? But there were seemingly loaded statements nonetheless.

A video interview with Philip Morris, the executive director of Television International Enterprise Archive and the man who discovered the episodes revealed yesterday, saw him assert, ‘I have the Doctor Who fans’ best interests at heart, believe me.’

Meanwhile Dan Phelan, Head of Communications at BBC Worldwide, directly addressed the rumours: ‘There has been lots of speculation – some of it better informed than others’. When Phelan presented the episodes to the press, he spoke of them as ‘the missing episodes we’re announcing today’ – a phrase which, it seems to us, can be taken one of two ways.
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