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Re: Starfleet Procurement Policy Draft

Awesome! I like how you explain why Wolf 359 was so extraordinary. It also sounds like we're thinking pretty similarly about how the idea of pressure compartments gives way to your SIF truss notions.

Regarding the former, it's been my thought that, as Shaw once suggested, each of the pressure compartments would be built separately, then assembled in drydock onto the main endoskeleton and the hull built around it, essentially creating a double hull both where compartments meet and around the ship's exterior where the outer hull covers the inner hulls of the compartments. (This would be what could make crazy refits like the Enterprise refit of TMP even plausible.) Unless I read incorrectly, I believe you think roughly the same.

Regarding the SIF truss model, it's my belief based on what's stated in the TNG TM that the exterior hull basically forms an exoskeleton around hull framing members, with all decks and compartments "hanging" inside, rather than being built around an endoskeleton. I should think one of the advantages of this would be a greater degree of hull flexibility and an ability to resist shocks better than the previous generation of ships.

Regarding newer ships being built using the new technology, is it your thought that these ships would completely abandon the hull pressure compartment model and essentially have completely adaptable interiors, or would still retain a pressure compartment design but be augmented by truss SIF fields?
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