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Re: Agents of SHIELD. Season 1 Discussion Thread

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It's probably safe to say this series will last until there's literally no one watching it and it become more expensive to produce than it's making in ad revenue.
Um. Like that's EVERY show...
Well, the general thought is that the show lasts until they think they can replace it with a more profitable show. But Agents of SHIELD has other intangible benefits as promotion for the Marvel movies, so it has a bit more wiggle room even if there's a show that could replace it.
Because Marvel movies have had a problem with promotion?

I'm sorry, I think this show will be following the rules pretty much of every other shows. If it's ratings go down far enough (which I don't think it will, I bet the ratings have stabilized) it'll get cancelled. If it loses money, it'll get cancelled.

I think the only special thing about it, it's all in the Disney family--ABC, Marvel, etc.

It's academic, it'll at least be on for the rest of the season.
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