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Re: MLB Season Discussion - 2013


14 times has someone won back to back (or a couple times, 3-peat) championships. Only twice in the last 30 or so years. In that same span, 20 different franchises have won at least once. Even some of the ones we currently think of as terrible. 7 different teams in the past 10 years, with only the Red Sox, Cardinals, and Giants winning twice in that period.

With more money in the game, teams are locking up young stars before free agency, and it's getting about as balanced as baseball is going to get. With so much money in revenue, teams are only cheap because they WANT to be at this point. Marlins, for example, get more in revenue sharing than their entire roster. So before they sell a single ticket or hot dog, they're in the black. Of course, they are a disgrace because of that, but hey, it's on the owner.

Anyway, i think your statement USED to be somewhat more true, but not as much anymore. Some of the old standbys make a run every year, but there's always a few newcomers in the mix. And we're likely looking at a Yankee 'dark period', so might be a chance for a few more mystery teams to jump in. Can't fix incompetent management, though, so some teams will just always suck until that's fixed...
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