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Re: Should the Borg be the villain in Trek 3?

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With the current marketability of everything zombies, the Borg actually wouldn't surprise me a bit.

They could easily make a story that connects the nuTrek crew to the Borg. Find a stable wormhole to the DQ that allows interaction and travel...and then destroy it in the end. Done. They could make a lot of money too with the Borg already being a known commodity in pop culture. And again, the zombie angle could make them a killing.

But I'd much rather see a Doomsday Machine story with some Klingons mixed in. It would combine an excellent (and big!) sci-fi Trek concept with the well-established JJ-villain they've already laid the foundation for developing.
Don't even need the DQ Borg. Just have some more left overs from the First Contact invasion (see: Enterprise), or human created Borg that result from a medical experiment gone wrong--if you want to push the Zombie angle.
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