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Re: Novels set in the Trek universe... but not about Star Trek?

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I'd also throw The Art of The Impossible in there. It's kind of a political thriller about The Betreka Nebula Incident that Garak and Bashir discussed in The Way of The Warrior. It covers 18 years, and features a bunch of different characters, some of we never saw on screen. There are a few recurring characters from the TV series, and a couple of major players from the novels, but I don't think there is a single main character from any of the TV series.
As indicated (and it's really not any kind of spoiler), Worf appears as a small child, and we also see Troi as a small child and Uhura as an older admiral. And, of course, Curzon Dax is a main character, and he's sorta-kinda half a main character....
Oh, I was going by Memory Beta and I didn't notice Worf, Troi, or Uhura on the list. I did see Curzon, but I wasn't sure how exactly he would be categorized on the main-recurring-new character spectrum.
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