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For the other Lords of Waterdeep players - how are you finding the win ratio? So far my little group has played 7 games (3 with the expansions) and one of my friends has one 6 out of the 7.
Ours have been fairly even. I won our first game (by one point!) Hubby our second. Our friend D won third. T won 2 games in a row, then we had a run of new players win on their first games.

I think that is one of the things that I really enjoy about the game, all of those hidden points can blow a player's huge lead out of the water!
Hmm so our group is probably an anomaly. Actually, we have had one tie, but it was still the same player and one other that came first.

Last night I completed two 40 point quests and I still finished last (I ended up having -40 for corruption ugh).

I played a couple of solo games of Legendary today, it's really fun. I won one and lost one, but I realised that I got a couple of the rules wrong so I'm going to give it some proper tries again. I've never played a board game solo before, but it was actually pretty good.
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