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Re: Recommend me a classic runthrough please

First Doctor:
*Tenth Planet: I've not seen it yet, but give it a try...might as well.
Second Doctor:
Tomb of the Cybermen: Fantastic! A true Classic.
The Third Doctor:
*The Three Doctors: A great team up, I actually think Troughton out-preforms Pertwee in this, but it is a gooden.
*The Green Death: I know it's known as the one with the giant maggots, but I like it and it was my first Pertwee story!
*Planet of The Spiders: Just a personal favourite, a great regeneration story!
-Also, skip stories like "The Silurian's", "The Sea Devils" and "The Mutants", they're famous, but I think they're a bit long winded and over political. Get into the Pertwee era with the three suggested stories first before trying these. Plus they're long.
The Fourth Doctor:
*Genesis of the Daleks: Personally I don't particularly like it, last time I saw it I found it long winded and dragged on and on and on. Then again, it's just something personal I have against the 70s Tom Baker era for some reason, there's something I find dull about it. But everyone else loves it, so.
*The Keeper of Traken: Absolutley love this 80s Tom baker story! Just does everything right!
*Logopolis: The sequel to Traken and goes before Castravalva, this one is just fantastic! Plus a great regeneration!
The Fifth Doctor:
*Earthshock: A true classic. Davison and the Cybermen at their best!
*The Five Doctors: Personally I prefer the Three Doctor by far, 3 just has more to it and a better chemistry between its doctors. But nonetheless, five doctors is a classic and popular, it's still not bad. Personally, I think it's a bit overcrowded though.
*Resurrection of the Daleks: Quite good.
*The Caves of Androzani: I've not seen this one either ( ), but everyone loves it, so give it a chance.
The Sixth Doctor:
*Vengeance on Varos: Just pure awesome! Has everything a good doctor who story should have, plus surprisingly dark for an 80s one. Darker than anything fucking Moffat would do.
*The Two Doctors: I love this one! My favourite cross doctor serial, just does everything right. Plus it has a sensible balance of humour and serious scenes.
*Revelation of the Daleks: Probably one of the best Dalek stories ever. Quite dark again for a classic serial, has a great concept that I saw was clearly copied a bit for the Eccleston era dalek stories, plus Eccleston's daleks share the same concept with revelation that daleks can be made from humans.
*The Trial of a Timelord: If you have the stomach for it, give it a go! All of the four serials (except Terror of the Vervoids) are great!
The Seventh Doctor:
*Remembrance of the Daleks: A great McCoy story! Ace is at her best.
*Survival: Annother great McCoy story! Plus the last classic serial ever.
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