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Re: Lost In The Infinite Saddness

No no no, no. I mean I agree with that good advice, but to a point. Help, yes, talk yes, but not everyone is motivated to hear or respect the truth. So it depends on who you're talking to.

Psychiatry is clinical, maybe not warranted. First see if the problems can't be addressed by a hypnotherapist, then a psychologist or social worker or marriage and family therapist. These people are trained in behavior. Only then, if the problem is discovered as having a neurological basis, should you consult a malpractice-trained pusher, I mean medical professional. A psychiatrist may be trained in reducing symptoms but not necessarily root causes.

Present company excepted of course.

Rita Hayworth, if your family is a source for negative feelings, consider the possibility that the problem is theirs and you are coping the way any human being with natural empathy would - expressing your personal power the only avenue they leave available to you: withdrawal.

Then again, if you're engaging in self-destructive behavior for other reasons, then you'll have to face that. Either way, humans who wish to graduate into adulthood must take responsibility and accountability for their actions and how they make their own family feel. Maybe that's you, maybe that's them. Maybe it's all of you.

If I were you I might consider getting a professional perspective - learn how to improve my coping strategies until I could put myself in a healthier emotional or geographical state. Then again, you shouldn't consider this advice but only a point of view.

You're on a journey of self-discovery. Are your shortcomings that which cause you to feel bad around family? Or are they merely lies and labels aimed at undermining you? First you might discover the truth, then face it. Also remember that if you get support from others that your family doesn't provide, the positive reinforcement might cause you to stay stuck in self-pity and depression. There are other ways of getting affirmation too.

Find a paraprofessional or professional you have a good rapport with. Don't hold your breath waiting for others to grow up and be responsible adults. That don't always happen.

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