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Re: Wiped Episode Discoveries

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Obviously that article hadn't been finalized before it was published-- at one point it says "all six" episodes of "Web" were found, even though only five were missing and one still is. (I'm sure the people claiming "Web" 3 is being held back as blackmail will make something of that.) Elsewhere in the article the numbers are correct.
"the nine were among eleven" - the other two, I presume, being the Underwater Menace and Galaxy Four episodes from last year.
Well, neither of those stories sold to Nigeria, so it's unlikely unless the "television relay station" was a bicycling hub. Though it was also part of the rumors that the collector credited for the 2011 episodes was a front for Morris' recovery of them. Possibly the 11 include redundant copies of the two existing episodes from "Web" and "Enemy." Though that raises the question where the copy of "Web" 3 from that set went. Cue rumors again...

And just to be clear, at this point I'm not dismissing any claim that doesn't defy the laws of physics.
I'd assume the other two episodes were dupes of the already existing episodes of Web and Enemy, yes.
An interesting point is that the 1974 sale to Nigeria that included these two stories (the War Machines/Time Meddler/Web Planet sale that was recovered in 1984 was to a different, unconnected station) also included Abominable Snowmen and Wheel in Space. But it seems a fair bet that they would have been recovered and announced in this batch if they still existed there :-(.
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