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Re: Babylon 5: Reconciling "The Gathering" with the series

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The Dilgar all died when their homeworld's sun went nova, presumably after the EA chased them back out of League space.
Suns don't just "go nova".....unless someone interferes with them, of course. It's an interesting supposition considering what the Vorlons did later.
Sure they do, it happens all the time. At the rate of about 30 or 40 a year in this galaxy alone, if memory serves. It happens in binary systems when a white dwarf accretes hydrogen on it's surface, which ignites in a runaway fusion reaction throwing off a blast wave of stellar matter and radiation. It doesn't destroy the star like say a supernova (totally different thing, but also totally naturally occurring) but it's still very bad news for any habitable planets that may be orbiting it.

Indeed, orbiting a star you know is probably going to go nova *soon* is about as good an explanation as any for why the Dilgar suddenly decided to invade the Non-Aligned Worlds. The alternatives being death and having their species becoming a race of refugees forced to either depend on the charity of the other races, or start over from scratch on some uninhabited world.

They apparently chose to build a new empire and rule over the conquered worlds while their homeworld died. It might have worked too since the only major races that could have stopped them (the Minbari, Centauri, Narn & Vorlons) didn't care. Clearly the gambit backfired.

Also, there's ZERO evidence that the immortality serum was Shadow tech.
True, but that's also....a very interesting supposition.
Not so much IMO. As I said I think it's a better story if the Dilgar came up with it on their own and it makes no sense for the Shadows to give it to them. It runs totally contrary to their ideology and their agenda isn't served by having half the younger races wiped out, leaving the surviving half to live forever, dominating any other race that tries to evolve.

It'd doom the galaxy to stagnation and both the Shadows and the Vorlon would likely be forced to just wipe the slate clean with them and start over in another thousand years.
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