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Re: Homosexuals and Deltans

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Interesting read. Not conclusive evidence it seems, but interesting nonetheless. Certainly back in the 60's/70's Gene didn't know this much and even if he had, Trek's always taken a "magic" approach to science so it might not have changed anyways.
If such a device is used in future episodes or films, I believe that the writers would be justly taken to task if they failed to explain how "super-pheromones" work with sexual orientation, but also between species. There's no reason to believe that someone would become sexually intoxicated by another species pheromones.

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I still have to go with in the end that sexuality is a choice. Either we're sentient beings or we're not and while we may have certain instincts, the conscious mind prevails over that.

Heck, the article itself seems to suggest that given it said the part of the nose that's receptive to pheromones is dormant and I wonder if that's an evolutionary side effect as the species got more intelligent.
Which is why I tend to separate sexual orientation and sexual identity. As much as there may a natural attraction to one gender or another (or lack thereof), many individuals will still find pleasure with someone opposite of that orientation. There is much room for sexual creativity above and beyond orientation, and I think that in-universe it would be the best explanation for why Riker felt so strongly about Soren.
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