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Re: Homosexuals and Deltans

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^I can't give you a bibliography of any sort, but it is mentioned in many articles since the 2000s: Gay Men Are Found to Have Different Scent of Attraction.
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^ The problem with that theory is it doesn't really explain what attracts lesbians and bi-sexuals.
^It only explains how pheromones* work. Sexuality is obviously much more complex than a single biochemical reaction.

*ETA: I should be precise in saying that this refers only to those pheromones associated with sexual arousal in the brain.
Interesting read. Not conclusive evidence it seems, but interesting nonetheless. Certainly back in the 60's/70's Gene didn't know this much and even if he had, Trek's always taken a "magic" approach to science so it might not have changed anyways.

I still have to go with in the end that sexuality is a choice. Either we're sentient beings or we're not and while we may have certain instincts, the conscious mind prevails over that.

Heck, the article itself seems to suggest that given it said the part of the nose that's receptive to pheromones is dormant and I wonder if that's an evolutionary side effect as the species got more intelligent.
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