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Re: X-Men Question: Apocalypse Versus The Hulk?

You how when someone grounded in reality like especially a woman or an older relative says "You're living in the past"? Well, I am neither and "You're living in the past".

Genesis is an Apocalypse Clone raised by Phantomx to kill Apocalypse.

Archangel didn't kill Apocalypse, my bad. My memory got messed up by the Apocalypse twins talking about Warren killing their father, when really he (Warren) was their father and they were probably referring to his mindwipe.

Apocalypse committed suicide (briefly) in July 2006 before he had to pay up to the celestials for using their tech for the last 5000 years, but then the Celstials brought him back and dragged him up to space to work off his debt. (His ship, the massive ship from classic X-Factor was/is a Celestial palm pilot. No shit. It's their version of a tricordor.) So, not dead. But off planet and never coming back.
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