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TwoJakes;8747638It's impossible to say if the area was unclaimed when the Baku party arrived, it might have been, or the Romulan [B wrote:
could[/B] have held it at the time, or another interstellar power perchance.
The lack of cloaked mine fields or other anything else the Romulans would use to show they control an area indicates otherwise ...
In Balance of Terror, Kirk took the Enterprise into Romulan Empire space directly opposite a line of Earth outposts, on the section of the border closest to the Romulan Homeworld.

No "cloaked mines."

Apparently such mines are far from ubiquitous.

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If the Sona were beyond the point of just being on the surface of the planet would help them and they obviously had the ability of harvesting the particles from the rings, why couldn't they have just sent a smaller collector to get what just they needed?
The Federation and the Sona and were planning to change the particles in the ring into another form for purposes of collection, changing just a small portion might not have been possible. All or nothing.

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... why bring in the Federation ...
The Sona might have recognized that any claim to the planet on their parts (or by the Baku) would be invalid next to the Federation's claim, that least in the Federation Council's eyes.

They had no desire to have future problems with the Federation, so did not attempt to stand on their own weak claim. Instead they approached the Council and proposed a partnership.

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