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Re: Making a Star Trek series that fits in with today's TV landscape

Mycroft Maxwell wrote: View Post
I wouldn't mind a Clone Wars style for Star Trek. The characters are stylized, but still recognizable. Toss in some really great writing backing some solid story concepts. In fact, the Clone Wars production tream would be my dream team for a ST animation
UGH!! I HATE THAT STYLE. Its lacking detail and actual ANIMATION.

My dream team or the guys who did BATMAN THE ANIMATED SERIES from the early 1990s.

Or Perhaps the Team that did GARGOYLES . Both excellent quality animation.

as for anime, I think that would actually be best, if you avoid the big eye stylized crap. Take a look a "Ghost in The Shell" or "Cowboy Bebop" ...especially Cowboy Bebop. I think Star Trek would work great in that format.

But for the love of God, NO MORE FREAKIN CGI SHOWS!!!
I am so with you on this. I mean, I would accept a CGI show if they went that route, but it would always be the route I wish they hadn't taken.

Nob Akimoto wrote: View Post
I think it's always easy to forget that Trek shows still did pretty well on network TV even when struggling. I doubt CBS is going to do anything other than first run syndication if they ever decide to come back to TV, and while it might struggle for ratings against Dogs with Blogs, a steady rating of around 4 million viewers and good critical reception can keep a series afloat if it's done well enough in critical eyes, and is likely to do well in syndication. (And seeing how much TNG is on syndicated TV, I can't help but think that'd be their goal)
I agree. Aside from non-premium cable, I think there is a good chance that a new Trek series could end up in first-run syndication. The syndication market is really very much like it was in 1986, filled with talk shows and reruns of shows that ran previously on a network. A new Trek series would not be a difficult sell to local stations.
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