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Re: Guess which new show will be canceled first?

You bring up a very good point. It is like a 50s family with gays. While gay families and straight families can be the same, they sometimes are not. There is no longer the guy works, wife stays at home. It's really boring with the fact that now it's the guy stays home and the wife works.

You think 60 years later they would have been more creative with straight and gay families. People work more, are open to more, maybe even open relationships, divorces, no longer following social normals.

I can't stand Modern Family because it's stupid, unfunny, stereotypes. Old guy gets hot young wife, attractive wife + stupid husband, then the gay characters are like angels and they bitch and moan but at the end of the episode everything is fine. It's sickening. Add something real to it. People fight, gays aren't perfect, have fun with the characters, challenge the audience.

It's why my favorite comedies in recent years have been Community, Raising Hope and Boston Legal. All very different types of comedies.
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