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Re: Sons of Anarchy Season 6

Was it wrong that my first thought during the end scene was "but...that amazing table! All that intricate wood the table!!"

But, other than that...this series is going to end badly for everyone. If anyone does manage to survive, they are going to be badly damaged.

I feel bad for Wendy. She is one of the few characters left that I actually like (for all the reasons Nick Ryder indicated). I feel like it is her character that will die due to Tara losing control of the plan she is trying to weave. Tara will live for awhile (at least until it becomes clear that she is not really pregnant, it is just her device to protect herself from being murdered before she gets the kids safe and goes to jail).

And how wrong is it that I dislike Gemma so much that during the prison assault I actually felt bad for Clay. <shudder> Sutter, if you want to pass Gemma off as some kind of antihero/hero, you have to write her with some kind of redeeming feature! My contempt for her being so strong that a scene like the one in the prison still doesn't make me empathize with her is...not good!
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