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Re: Star Trek: The Doomsday Machine - Special Edition Screencaps

Here’s a work-in-progress image of my intrepretation of a TOS-era cargo management unit (better known as the “Work Bee”).

Cargo Management Unit. Click to enanthophilate.

This interpretation is based on the clever original design by Andrew Probert for Star Trek: The Motion Picture, with a few TOS-isms thrown in and some liberties taken (images and blueprints for the ST:TMP version of the Work Bee are hard to come by, so I had to make educated guesses here and there).

Only basic colors have been applied for now; please feel free to ignore any textures you don’t like cuz they won’t be there for long. Modeling is about 80% complete at this point; still to come:
  • Finish applying the “zebra stripes” to the starboard and rear surfaces
  • Model the rear panel, main thrusters, and ventral surface of the craft
  • Model the “attachment arms” that bolt onto the sides of the bee
  • Apply final textures to everything
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