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You know, I'm sort of tempted to buy some of those ships just for the models. I saw the Lambda class shuttle recently and it looks like it has fully articulated wings - do you know if that's the case?
Yes, that's the case. Fully "downfoldable" wings up to a certain point. If you hear a crack and have a separate wing in your hand now you've gone too far.

A buddy of mine bought a Millenium Falcon a few months ago just because of the model.. last week we played our first game together after he bought a starter set and some additional ships with a broad grin.

trekkiebaggio wrote: View Post
I'm more tempted by the Star Trek miniatures, I've watched a few reviews and they seem to have a better variety of ships. I really want Star Trek Fleet Captains though, which was described by Tom Vasel as 'the essence of Star Trek' in a box.
I checked in on that game and i'll pass.. the models are not nearly as good as X-Wing, i.e. the paint job is very bland and basic. Might have to do with the miniatures themselves which are not very detailed, certainly not as much as the one's from X-Wing.

They also licensed the basic rules from X-Wing and while that system is very good i'd rather not play two games with nearly identical rules.

Other than that it seems like a good game with some neat stuff and possibilities.
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