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2 renders(and a little retouch) of Madman's Defiant(Connie) refit

First, this is an excellent mesh as always by the talented madman Mr. Wallace. The changes I have made to his mesh as are follows. I changed the surface from Lambert to Orennayer to give it a more metalic look. And I rebuilt the lower sensor dome. I made a copy of the deflector on top itself, and turned the copy into a halo, giving it a bit of glare. Although this is not a change to the mesh itself, I added spotlamps everywhere to attempt to get the TMP feel.

And this below...

This is another attempt at a beauty shot of the same mesh. I made no alterations other than placing spotlamps over area to "Self Illuminate" it. I think I may have also messed up the bussards and altered them trying to fix them back. BUt i think the whole thing turned out well.

I really love this design. I think it would have been a better choice for a contemporary original Uss Enterprise.

Comments and opinions and critique always welcomed.
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