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Re: Nostalgia of old tv sets

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In an age of blu-ray quality expectations, it's worth pointing out to those who don't remember just what kind of television images we often had back then.

When I discovered Star Trek in the early 70's, it was broadcast weekday afternoon at 4 o'clock on WWLP in Springfield, Massachsetts. (I can still remember the announcer saying, "WWLP, Springfield...WRLP, Greenfield).I was more or less living on the edge of their broadcast range, so every weekday afternoon at 4 o'clock I watched Star Trek on our black-and-white tv. Gaze upon these simulated images:

Some time later, we had gotten a color tv, and an adjustable uhf antenna. The difference to my young eyes was astounding:

The show was a grabber regardless if picture quality. I sometimes wonder if had been, in fact, a strange kind of enhancement. It was almost like looking through some kind of haze, and as color was revealed, so were more unnoticed details. With every increase in quality, there seemed to be no end to the discoveries. Funny to think back to it being a revelation that the crew different color shirts!

The special effects, also, were much more amazing on that snowy screen of yore. That's not a knock on the work: the imagery was perfectly suited to the typical broadcast standards of the time. Heck, even these guys looked good:

While I'm at it, this is the very first scene I saw of Star Trek:

I envied you guys who lived closer to the station!
Ah the glory Days, I'm from Agawam ma and lived in the Shadow of Proven MT where WWLP was Broadcast from. But I do remember when their sister station in Greenfield ch 32 showed Trek Weeknights at 8pm I used to have to menuver my Antenna much as you did to get a usable picture. Those where the days. I remember wwlp used to have Trek at 4pm and Space:1999 at 5 for awhile, then I used to go over to ch 27 in Worcester at 6 for my UFO fix, it was snowy but watchable.
What a difference from todays, Judge Judy's or Doctor OZ schlock, and we wonder why teenagers lack intelligence these days.
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