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Re: Pre TOS star cruiser....

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I think what I like about this design is how you made it look like it could've come from the 1950' if Star Trek could've had their start there instead of the '60's. You did say pre-TOS, and you captured that look with great success.

Visions of the future change with each decade. When Enterprise (later Star Trek Enterprise) came out, they had a heck of a time trying to make the technology look older than TOS technology, and yet look cooler than what we have in real-life present day. What you did was capture a look as if Enterprise had been conceived in the '50's, and did so very my very humble opinion.
Although my b&w images evoke a vintage feeling I didn't conciously set out to make the ship look like it could have been designed in the 1950s. The ideas of the future were different in the '50s then a decade later as best evidenced by the sci-fi films made at the time such as Forbidden Planet. I simply tried to find a design that looked somewhat less evolved than what we saw in TOS yet still look convincing if we'd actually seen it onscreen. The Botany Bay in "Space Seed" certainly looks distinctly more primitive than the Enterprise, but it doesn't look like it was designed in the '50s or any previous decade.

Admittedly ENT had a challenge: how to depict a pre TOS era without looking dated. They tackled that by mostly ignoring the issue to satisfy their idea of general audience expectations. But I think they compounded the problem by ignoring a lot of other things that didn't seem right in a pre TOS era. They introduced too many familiar elements introduced in the the TNG era series and treated their prehistory setting as if it were little different than the TNG era setting. Instead of trying to create a setting that seemed somewhat familiar yet also largely different they basically redressed what they already had and went with that. It didn't really feel like the "opening up of the galaxy" because we saw so much (too much) of what we were already familiar with.

Some simple beauty shots.

And what if...

STAR TREK: 1964-1991, 2013-?

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