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Re: Nostalgia of old tv sets

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...but my mother believed colour tv would give you cancer so we never had a colour tv growing up.
That's one I've never heard before.

It isn't the old crt televisions we miss I think, but rather the whole sense of what we were experiencing when first watching Star Trek. It's easy to say it was a simpler time, but then it always is when you're younger with little real idea of responsibilities and concerns. Those old televisions were also all we knew and probably imagined anything better was far in the future and we might never see it. And when you're a kid even a few years can seem impossibly distant in the future. Those old TVs seem like dinosaurs now, but back then they were modern technology. We can smile at a Model T and think it's quaint, but in its day it was very modern and cutting edge automotive technology. Lets also remember that flat panel LCD and LED televisions are little more than ten years or so old on the market and for fifty years the tube TV was it as far as being able to watch video broadcasts and recorded media. If some of us today who grew up with tube TV might think they're anachronisms now just imagine what kids today might think who have never known anything but flat panels LCD and LED televisions.

I know what a vitrola is, but I've no experience of listening to music through one. I grew up with vinyl records and audio casette and while I was comfortable with them I also have no interest to go back to using those mediums. Same with VHS. I know what a silent film is, but outside of seeing a few such films on television I've no experience with seeing it on the big screen. I can't really imagine sitting through an entire silent feature in a cramped theatre seat and remaining engaged, but then I never lived in a time when that was the cutting edge experience of seeing a movie and there was no alternative. I know what radio programs are, but I've little experience with listening to them for hours on end. The idea that people and families would gather round the radio to listen to a scheduled program seems odd to me, just as some kids today mightn't easily imagine the whole family actually gathering to watch something together when they can all watch their own thing on their own TV or computer.

There's also the fact that back then Star Trek was Star Trek whether it be live-action or animated. Star Trek was the adventures of Kirk, Spock and the rest aboard the fantastic starship Enterprise. Certainly the idea of it being referred to as TOS and TAS along with the existence of TNG, DS9, VOY and ENT would have seemed utterly bizarre to us. In that sense it was indeed a simpler time.
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