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Re: Agents of SHIELD. Season 1 Discussion Thread

over all I liked the episode, and I'm enjoying the show enough to stick with it this season. I liked the story this week and the fact that the guy they were rescuing didn't want to be rescued; Was I the only one who got the impression that Coulson anticipated this response ?

Not a huge fan of Coulson wearing a suit on the extraction mission, I agree it was meant as a gag but it really stood out as out of place. If they had to climb or crawl or anything having close flapping around like a suit does would just be problematic.

One odd thing that I noticed, when Ward disarms Mr. Cowboy we see him take a double barreled break-action shotgun from the guy; however as Mr Cowboy hits the ground we can hear Ward rack the slide of a pump-action shotgun off screen before the camera returns to him and we see him holding the cowboys gun.

Still love FitzSimmons, they amuse the crap out of me

Any idea why Coulson didn't slingshot the black gravity goo at the end ? I thought 0-8-4 suggested that this was standard operating procedure for powerful crap they can't control? I didn't get any impression that Coulson thinks Dr Hall is alive .

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