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Re: Recommend me a classic runthrough please

Right well

1st Doctor -
The Dalek Invasion Of Earth - I'm not a massive fan but most people like it. The story in which the Daleks became the major villain of the show
The Romans - Funny and fast paced for Who
The Time Meddler - Nice character piece

2nd Doctor
Tomb Of The Cybermen - personaly I don't love this but most people do
The Mind Robber - very different, quite surreal
Invasion - Troughton has fun here and it points the way to the Pertwee years

3rd Doctor
Spearhead In Space - First colour story and a great intro story to the era Could be replaced with Terror Of The Autons to get a Master story into the mix
Inferno - Massively tense and a rare alternate universe story
Carnival Of Monsters - A rare full on non earth bound story for Pertwee

4th Doctor
Pyramids Of Mars - the height of the Tom Baker gothic era
Robots of Death - Just a really well told story
Talons Of Weng Chiang - for me the greatest story of them all
The Ribos Operation - Intro to the Key To Time story and Romana I
City Of Death - Tom Baker & Romana II at their peak for most people

5th Doctor
Kinda - Very different, a much slower internal story than usual
Earthshock - Who goes blockbuster
Caves Of Androzani - Voted the best story of all time

6th Doctor
Vengeance On Varros
Revelation Of The Daleks - Probably his two best stories

7th Doctor
Remembrance Of The Daleks - After a shaky first year McCoy really makes his mark here
The Curse Of Fenric - A really good story for Ace.
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