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Re: Nostalgia of TOS on VHS!

There's an older thread around here that dealt with the first TOS release on VHS. I remember two different ways of obtaining them. Paramount released the ten "big" episodes paired off two-to-a-tape. This was early '80s when VHS was still battling it out with Beta, and both formats got these same 10 episodes.

Fotomat, the drive-up kiosk company where you dropped off your film to be developed, had a side business of renting videotapes. You'd call a number, reserve your tape, tell them which address the kiosk was at, and pick it up on your way home from work. After a few-day viewing period, you'd drive it back to the kiosk. Well, this Fotomat had their own in-house video-duplicating arm, and made their own logo'ed versions of the STAR TREK tapes. You'd pop it in and get a little animated Fotomat logo before the Paramount Home Video logo.

These tapes were made for the rental market, yet also available for a ridiculous price of something like $79.95 for one tape. After a time, the rental model died down and more and more were into purchasing tapes. Low-priced tapes (at $20-$25 a pop) started selling well and companies scrambled to get out of rentals and into sales. It was at that point that some retailers sold off their used tapes, and I acquired three of the genuine Paramount TOS tapes, and filled in with two Fotomat versions.

I had those for years until we finally moved, and sold them off at a garage sale. In the intervening years, I bought the "transporter" VHS tapes of all of the STAR TREK episodes. Those served for years whenever I needed a TREK fix. When one group of ten tapes were released, I recall going to our local West Coast Video to meet James Doohan, and I got his autograph on one of the episodes. THAT on I still have.

I also bought a few from that same series on LaserDisc, and those too are long gone. Later I grabbed a couple of the double-episode DVDs, but abandoned that when the three clamshell season sets were released.

I didn't update to the remastered episodes until the Blu-ray season sets. Wonder what's next?...

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