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Re: Blu Rays Aspect Ratio Question

I'll never understand the advocating of changing the aspect ratio for TNG or anything else. If the preserved 4:3 image bothers some people, why don't they also complain about 2:35 shot films featuring black bars at the top and bottom part of their TVs? I'm glad CBS decided to stick with the original aspect ratio, much like they did for TOS, and hopefully with DS9. It is not necessary to alter the image just to appease a group of people that seem to be allergic to black bars. If that means they'll never get into the show because of an aspect ratio that doesn't fit their screens, tough shit for them. They're no different than those who didn't give TOS a chance just because of old 1960s F/X not living up to ILM standards. Just be grateful TNG is getting a remaster at all. I was one of those who actually doubted CBS would ever take on a project of this magnitude, and with every new HD image released I'm still impressed. That's why I'm not too tough on the HTV S2 work because I'm still amazed that I'm getting to see HD quality footage at all.
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