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Re: Recommend me a classic runthrough please

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I must admit, my first hand classic experience is terribly lacking.

I've seen Unearthly Child, most of Daleks (skipped the boring part in the middle), most of Aztecs, Castrovalva, the beginning of Four to Doomsday, Five Doctors and the TV Movie.

But I want to get better in time for the 50th...

Could you recommend me a list of episodes to watch, in a scope that's doable in roughly two weeks, so the list shouldn't be longer than ~15-20 episodes.

- they have to be available readily on dvd or online (if not yet, they should be available before end of october)
- animation (tenth planet, invasion, etc) is ok, reconstruction and narrated stills are not (sorry)
- roughly the same amount of stories for each doctor
- regeneration and multidoctor stories should be included, unless horrible or unavailable

Please help me pick, there is so many good options.
The Five Doctors (1 - 5; though almost no 4) gets mixed reviews, some like it some don't, I like it. The Three Doctors also I enjoy (1 - 3).

50th has Zygons, so, I'd go with Terror of the Zygons.

That's 12 Episodes right there (Each Serial is 4x 25 minute Episodes long)

Everything Classic Who can be found streaming on Dailymotion (Dailymotion is Like Youtube)
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