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Re: Nostalgia of old tv sets

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I have no nostalgia for old tv sets and TOS. Soooo many episodes watched in black and white with "snow" obscuring the images and me banging the top of little portable tv hard to stop the picture from rolling. I can still hear my sister yelling "HIT IT!" when it started to roll

My father worked in television but my mother believed colour tv would give you cancer so we never had a colour tv growing up. I was always amazed to watch shows in colour at other people's houses.

Despite having seen TOS in colour on video and then dvd multiple times I still remember it in black and white and I still get surprised at colours watching it sometimes.
That surprise at color happens when I watch an old Japanese monster flick called 'Daimajin' It's about a giant statue of a Samurai war god that come to life and destroys an evil warlord. I only saw it in black and white growing up, so when I came across it while living in Japan I rented the VHS. It was a complete wonder to see it in color. I prefer the black and white still as that gave it a wonderful atmosphere that was lost with color.
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