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Re: Dexter - The Final Season (Spoiler Discussion)

I wished the final season of Dexter was more like the gusty final season of Breaking Bad by exploring the fallout of the main character's morally questionable actions to its inevitable conclusion. Like, if the plot of Season 8 was like this:

Sick of living with the guilt about LaGuerta’s death and lying about it, Deb decide to redeem herself by owning up to what she did and bringing down Dexter as well. It was LaGuerta’s last act to bring Dexter to justice. Deb wants to finish what she started out of respect to her and to truly atone for herself turning a blind eye on her brother's activities. But Deb knows it is going to take more than a written testimony by her covering everything she knows about Dexter’s murderous past to convict him. She needs concrete evidence and covertly seeks it out. Dexter at some point finds out about what Deb is trying to do and fights to prevent it. He is faced with the question of how far he is willing to go to survive, if he can live with the price of survival being Deb’s death. Deb realizes that if she is going to take down her brother, she is going to need some help. So she enlists Quinn as an ally. Quinn confesses to Deb about his suspicion that Dexter may have killed Liddy in Season 5 but he had no way of proving it back then. While willing to help Deb gain evidence against Dexter, Quinn is conflicted about Deb turning herself in. Meanwhile, Angel refuses to give up on the investigation into LaGuerta’s death despite the fact that the case has grown cold. He suspects that her killer is someone within the department.

If Season 8 was more like this, the whole season would have been one powder keg of dramatic tension the likes of which hasn't been seen since Season 4.
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