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Re: Random thought on an Enterprise-E series

As I said in the very beginning, this is very much the bare bones of an idea. Of course the characters are key, that is what any new series to focus on, the idea that came to me was just the E-E being abandoned and then having a new crew reassigned.

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I seem to remember a fan fitcion from some months ago with a general theme like this, empty ship, missing crew, towed back to starbase, Bly Sinclair was that one of yours?

Guilty as charged. It was the story that intorduced the Border Cutter Silverfin, when they discovered the U.S.S. Cairo adrift in space--the mystery of which is yet to be fully resolved (though will be soon).

My thoughts on the new CO were something along the lines of:
Captain Shara Enahr (played by Dina Meyer) is an Unjoined Trill in her mid-40s. Her background saw her come up through flight control, then into command/diplomacy. Though a capable soldier, willing to take risks to safeguard her crew, she always wants to seek a peaceful resolution to a problem, resorting to force in her crew are threatened or she can see no other way out. She gained captaincy just prior to the Dominion War and saw the Ambassador-Class U.S.S. Ulysses through the conflict, though did lose many good people—none of these loses paled to the loss of her brother and his family on one of the colonies near the frontlines which was destroyed by the Dominion. Unable to have children of her own it was the closest she got to a normal family life. Though the loss still stings she is dealing with it as best she can, throwing herself fully into her work—it is only in private with her closest friends that her old, warm personality emerges. Due to her focused work ethic and distinguished career, she beat out the tough competition for the central seat of the Enterprise-E.

A couple of other crew members I had thought up included:
Lieutenant Selek is a Vulcan male who appears to be in his early-30s though is actually in his late-60s. He applies his vast intellect and methodical manner into analysis the emotional and psychological problems faced by the crew, as well as studying the psychology and sociology of other races. He himself is composed and disciplined with his feelings, though does display an almost genuine empathy when with patients as he helps them to address, dissect and analyse their emotions and problems—relying on his extensive studies into the field rather than empathic/telepathic senses. He is separated from his wife though maintains a cordial relationship with her, whilst also still being involved in the lives of their two children.

Lieutenant JG Athorahn th’Sherr is an Andorian thaan (man) in his early-20s. Disobeying his family’s wishes, he turned his back on his obligations and entered Starfleet. A highly intuitive pilot, he is greatly sought after though has developed a poor reputation among other Andorians, accused of being selfish by shunning his responsibilities. He sees it as making a choice for himself, rather than being forced into bonding with others he doesn’t love but is rather a good genetic match with. His youthful rebellious streak means that he will often speak his mind, even when his opinion isn’t sought.
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