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Re: Homosexuals and Deltans

It's been a while since I saw TMP, but I don't recall any mention there of Deltan's having overpowering pheromones (of course I could be wrong). From what I gathered they were just a very open and 'hedonistic' people, for who sex is an expressive part of their society, whilst also being very intense (most likely due to their telepathy)—for a people like that pheromones wouldn't really be necessary, as they would just have consensual sex with whoever they wanted. Which is why Ilia (and presumably all other who chose to leave Delta IV) took an Oath of Celibacy—as she says, to protect the “sexually immature” species they would encounter. If pheromones were involved, in order to live a life off of Delta IV they would need to take something that would suppress them or else they'd face sexual abuse and unwanted advances everywhere they went.

As for whether a homosexual man/woman would be attracted to an opposite sexed Deltan, I would say no. I do find some women pretty/stunning/attractive, but have no desire to sleep with them, and her being bald wouldn't change my opinion.

That's just my take on it.
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