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Re: Starfleet Procurement Policy Draft

Nob Akimoto wrote: View Post
No need to apologize. Nitpicks are always appreciated.

Why did T'Pragh serve 4 terms as the UFP President? If 3 terms were considered unprecedented?
T'Pragh's term ended in 2357 (at least in this text). I'm aware that Memory Beta suggests she served until 2365, but that's conjecture based on the fact that Amitra served one term from 2365 - 2369.

Ergo I assumed she served in the 2350s, starting with the 2348 electoral cycle and ending with the 2356 cycle. (Meaning she left office in 2357) This was predicated on: She was an admiral in the 2280s-2290s, therefore was probably already a fairly older Vulcan. And that she was dead by 2380, which unless she went back to active service and died in the Dominion War, would probably mean she died of natural causes. Given Vulcan lifespans I don't think it was likely that someone would serve their presidential terms as a Vulcan when they were within a decade of dying. That seemed...illogical. Actuarial realities of remaining lifespan etc. are probably more than clear in the 24th century, and in a system with a loose line of succession like the Federation's, it doesn't seem likely she'd choose a time period where she was likely to die to be president.
Actually, it is the other way around. We know that she served during the Tzenkethi War, for a fact - at least as far as we take facts.

If we take that the war was in the early 60s that would mean that she served the 2361-2365 term.
Of course if the war started in the late 50s she could have served the preceeding term.

As to her age, she could be what 70, 80, 90 as a admiral in 2290s, that would leave her still healthy enough during the mid-late 24th century. But apparently, she answered to Vulcan High Command, so who knows how fast a Vulcan rises to admiralty.

Nob Akimoto wrote: View Post
Also the end years of the wars seem strange, as the Tzenkethi War ended before '64 and the Cardassian one had the ceasefire in '66 and a peace treaty in '70?
So far as I'm aware, the only reference to the Tzenkethi War being over by 2364 is Will Riker's line in Orion's Hounds which I assumed to have been the end of the Federation's "shock and awe" offensive. 2365 was a convenient point for the actual treaty ratification, but that might as you say, need revising.

For the Cardassian Conflict, I assumed 2368ish was when the final treaty terms were agreed t and the actual treaty ratified once Jaresh-Inyo took office (and after the McAllistair Nebula incident). I may simply just move it to 2366 for the cease fire, since that serves the narrative fine.
I take your point.
I checked the Articles of the Federation and yes the Tzenkethi War was over in 2365, but that is if we use integer years and the dangerously round 15 years before 2380.
Also the '64-'65 distinction can be only because of ceasefire/peace treaty.
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