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Re: Agents of SHIELD. Season 1 Discussion Thread

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It sounds like their budget is really hurting, though; I believe that's what hurting the really showy stuff.
There is no rule that says they need a big budget to tell great stories.

They don't even need to tell great stories, I can deal with adventures of the week, I just wish they would tell their stories better. Make things matter, make their choices have repercussions, let them fail when they fuck up or even just fail because that is what happens a lot of the time, make admissions of fraternal abuse not appear as if created just to be tossed out for sympathy and to add a new note on a character's bio or at least do it with a bit more tact.

I like the show, honestly. I like a few of the characters and I really like the moments where it feels like a live action comic book. I want them to do the same show, but better.
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