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Re: Star Trek A To Z

A is for Andorian Ale.
B is for Bolian tongue cartilage.
C is for Christopher Pike.
D is for Deanna Troi.
E is for Elim Garak.
F is for Ferengi Grand Proxy, the official representative of the Grand Nagus in situations where he himself cannot be present.
G is for Galaxy-class starship.
H is for Henry Archer.
I is for Indri VIII.
J is for Jerry-rigging the transporter to do all sorts of weird and wild things.
K is for Klingons. Fiercest warriors of the Galaxy. Who flee at the sight of a tribble. And a shower.
L is for Lurians. Morn of Quark's Bar was one.
M is for Morn. He was a Lurian.
N is for Nyberrite ships. They were always looking for good officers.
O is for the Orb of Wisdom. I know of some politicians that really need it.
P is for Pyrithean bat.
Q is for Quantum Slopstream Drive.
R is for Robert Fox, Federation ambassador assigned to deal with Eminiar VII.
S is for Spock's pumpkin head.
T is for T'Pol's fantastic abs. And her bumm.
U is for Uttaberries.
V is for Voyager 6.
W is for Whisky. One of Scotty's favorite things.
X is for Xindi Weapon. Like a miniature Death Star, only with lots of spinning and rotating components.
Y is for Yellow Alert. Batten down the hatches! Wait...Did TOS have any hatches?
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