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Re: Remington Steele comedy sequel being developed!

Seems an odd thing to make a sequel of, unless as has been stated they have a hunch they can get Pierce for the occasional cameo (and one assumes Stephanie Zimbalist as well). That’s really the only hook the show would have (and the name). At least the original had an interesting premise; it’s the 80’s no one will believe a woman can solve their cases so I’ll hire some bloke as a front, but even then it probably wouldn’t have lasted as long if not for the chemistry between the two leads.

Given we now live in the 21st Century I doubt Olivia would need to hire a man to front for her as a detective so it’ll be interesting to see where the humour comes from? Unless she takes more after her dad than her mum and actually has to hire a real detective who she then fronts for!
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