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Re: Wiped Episode Discoveries

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Could someone explain why Rich Johnston now thinks it's not true:

But they’re wrong. BBC News is not the BBC. Oh sure, it’s part of it, but when it reports a news story about the BBC, it is not the PR wing of the broadcaster. It’s often critical, occasionally misinformed and generally the same as all the other media.
In this piece, though not naming the sources, it is simply repeating the stories broken by the Radio Times and The Mirror earlier in the week.
You started the feckin rumour avalanche in the first place, Rich!!
Of course BBC News wouldn't be The BBC's promo outlet, but, they are a legitimate News Source, aren't they? So, therefore they have to print the truth that they fact checked, and not reproduce rumors from Gossip Rags and sell them as news, right? Didn't the BBC News article state they were told by BBC about the Press Conference
They are editorially independent so they will happily (too happily some would say) print news critical of other parts of the corporation but to think that a BBC journalist would say episodes have been returned without getting that confirmed from the relevant people is ridiculous especially as post Saville the BBC are trying to be a lot more joined up than in the past.

Plus the journalist in question does all their Doctor Who news - he's not just some random asked to knock up a quick story.

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