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I was just stating that I personally preferred to see the theatrical cut of TMP because I felt the DE was inferior. The definitive version of TMP is the cut shown in cinemas... if Paramount did release only the DE in HD then it would be Lucas-esque and a mistake because then we only have the VHS of TMP to see the original version !
We should be very careful when using and qualifying terms like "definitive" in this type of context, however -- "definitive," in this case, does not truly apply to the Theatrical Cut of TMP, since it was rushed through post-production in order to meet an artificially-imposed studio release deadline.

For it to be a true "definitive" version of the film, it would have needed to have been finished according to Robert Wise's personal specifications back at the time (with a more sufficient editorial window allotted, with a proper final sound-mix, fully-completed visual FX, etc.), and without the rampant corner-cutting that resulted from the studio deadline looming over everything.

Because none of these criteria were actually met back in 1979, and the picture rushed into wide release before it was truly finished, even Wise himself never considered the Theatrical Cut "definitive" in the strict dictionary sense of the term -- in later decades, use of the word is now more in the eye of the beholder, regarding which particular version you happen to personally prefer (theatrical, Director's Cut, or TV edition).
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