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Re: X-Men Question: Apocalypse Versus The Hulk?

Wikipedia doesn't say that Apocalypse can fiddle with his elemental composition.

And if he can, it's not how he fights.

And regardless, I'm struggling to remember when was the last time he fought bare fistedly since the 80s.

That's why he has minions.

Too be above the common muck.

Although there is a lot of X-Men I haven't read in the last 5 years because most of the books have turned to shit.

What no one here has taken into effect so far is that Apocalypse is dead.

Arc Angel killed him.

However somehow there's a teenager at the Jean Grey School (Referred to as both Genesis and Kid-Apocalypse.) walking around with Apocalypses powerset and blank slate in his head who is obviously Apocalypse brainwiped and youthified.

(Arcangel lost his memories too. There's obviously a connection between these two events which is public knowledge that I would be aware of if I could commit to poorly written doss.)


Can the Hulk win a fight against a dead guy?

(Or a child?)
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