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Re: ST VI:TUC Out of character for McCoy?

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And FWIW, this film ignores "Yesterday's Enterprise", which had previously established that the event leading to peace with the Klingons was the heroic sacrifice of the Enterprise-C 20 years prior to The Next Generation. It prevented a war which the Federation would have lost. Compare with the Praxis explosion crippling the Empire, which had no choice but to sue for peace.
Not really, re: the film ignoring "Yesterday's Enterprise."

Remember that the episode never explicitly mentions that the Narendra III incident was ever "the only" significant event which led to peace with the Klingon Empire; it was merely the most recent such one by the timeframe of TNG.

Such a peace process would, by its very nature, have been a long, protracted one, drawn out across a number of decades before reaching the state of affairs we first witness in "Encounter at Farpoint," and wouldn't have occurred instantly overnight, regardless of how significant either events were in isolation from one another.

The Khitomer peace conference was a huge, unprecedented step in cementing that process, as was, ironically, Narendra III six decades later, but only both taken together could have brought about the political situation finally experienced by both powers in the era of the Enterprise-D.

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Locutus of Bored wrote:
some handwave explaination of Kirk's sudden racism (like, say, Peter's ship is ambushed and he's killed leaving Kirk with no family at all) etc.
It's been a long time since I've read it, but I think in the novel Chang's Bird of Prey had been attacking Federation or civilian outposts basically before the movie starts. Carol Marcus was on one them and Kirk goes and visits her in the hospital afterwards which sort of reopens the David wound. I think at the end of the novel he goes back to her and has a different outlook as she's making her recovery. I have no idea if any of that was ever intended to be part of the script or if it was an invention of the author.
It came from the author, J.M. Dillard, who more often than not came up with some very interesting offscreen backstory material for the films she was novelizing, including additional material on General Chang's Bird-of-Prey, its test-run operations prior to the Praxis explosion, and what happened with Carol Marcus on the UFP colony world selected as a weapons-test target by Chang and his group.

It certainly adds plausibility to the whole notion that Kirk would suddenly harbor virulent feelings towards the Klingon race, but there's also another TOS novel, In the Name of Honor by Dayton Ward (set not long after the events of The Final Frontier) which truly sets the stage for Kirk's abrupt change of political opinion in the sixth film.

Among other things, it depicts
and is simply a must-read in its own right.
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