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Re: Sons of Anarchy Season 6

Well this week's... HOLY CRAP! That Ending... geez... when they say it's an explosive episode they weren't just using the usual hyperbole!

I'm feeling more sure that Tara is going to go bye bye - I thought at first maybe she'd weasel Jax and the boys out - but the more I think about it, she's going to either be pushed out and be a circling predator and be killed violently. OR like people have said, Gemma will take her out, blame it on someone and Jax will never know the truth. Wendy is kind of growing on me, I think she always looks like she smelled some stinky cheese... but I kinda have to respect her character, she was a junky who became a counselor, pretty cool actually. Hit rock bottom, got cleaned up. Of course, what's really at the core of things - SAMCRO is toxic as hell. Even if Tara is out and Wendy is in as his old lady again, I'm sure she'll try just as hard to get Jax and the boys out of Charming.

And really, the only way that could happen is if like Charming just entirely became unlivable after some massive thing - like what happened in Weeds when Agrestic burnt down LOL

But yeah I'm starting to think there's something BIG on the horizon. After what happened last night and the way the Irish are like 'we aren't going to let you leave gun running so easily' - I mean geez Galen needs to die "like a lot." soon. He's a prick, worse than Jimmy O was. And even the Kings are sort of like 'eh, you should know what you're talking about, you were there and you talked him, you know him best." It's like they were doing nothing but saying "oh jax just doesn't like this or that... he doesn't know what he wants, he just wants another source, or he's playing hard ball." and I'm practically screaming at the TV "NO! He wants out because you're a violent bunch of pricks!"
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