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Re: Agents of SHIELD. Season 1 Discussion Thread

Well I'm giving SHIELD a bit more slack for a couple reasons 1 - it's a Marvel/Disney production which means that the 'suits' are probably trying to be very safe right out of the gate, it's not super Alias action level yet - even Alias while the first few episodes were good, had some nice action, more for the technopop music I think than any actual action - I think they want to save the really 'good' stuff for when they know people actually WANT to watch another 'super secret agent' show.

2. I can totally see WHY they went with a pretty much unknown set of characters - they have complete freedom, they can kill 'em, they give 'em super powers, they write them out and it won't feel like 'OMG HOW CAN YOU DO THAT TO THAT BELOVED CHARACTER"

I think really the ones who are all like 'meh it's okay.' are getting jaded on other similar genre shows and other shows that really try to push the envelope. Keep in mind, this is on ABC - which equals 'play it safe'. Castle has succeeded because it keeps the formula intact and relies on the witty banter, romantic subtext and the fact that it's funny. But if you break it down, if you watch Castle back to back to back to back, like it is on TNT lately, you start to go 'didn't I just see this?'

And don't get me wrong I LOVE Castle - Castle and SHIELD are on my DVR weekly and I make a point to watch them every week.

I think people on boards like this came into it expecting well, a lot more. Like Alias or Homefront or something more shocking. Yeah they're kinda generic right now, but I like the quirks so far - honestly I'm kinda hoping the big white guy goes away - and maybe... his days are numbered anyway. Maybe he DOES get killed somewhere later on as a shock ending. Fitz/Simmons are fun I like them. Skye's kinda weird and probably a double agent but then again... could she be working for Fury sorta on the down low, like HE was the one running the Rising Tide or something and it's a matter of seeing if she'll do the right thing or betray SHIELD. Fury's known for doing shit like that.

Although I DO want to see more actual Superheroes in the show and I would like to see more 'classic' SHIELD things touched on. Zodiac keys. Hydra. AIM. Baron Von Strucker. Madam Hydra. The Secret Empire.

Next week does seem like it's setting something up... maybe I'll get my wish.
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