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Re: Arrow - Season 2

Felicity does look good with her hair down, doesn't she? They gave her a serious makeover for the new season.

I wasn't too impressed with most of the premiere. It was pretty dull up until the very end when Black Canary showed up and Ollie decided to commit to turning over a new leaf with a proper name and all. Looks like they're doing the reverse of The Dark Knight. They're taking a killer and giving him a no-kill policy. I wonder how that'll affect his crusade if word ever gets out. Didn't work too well for Batman. Will this show take a different route? Will it work out for Ollie?

It was also nice to see Summer Glau onboard. It looks like her taking over a chunk of Ollie Industries can provide for some good drama on the corporate front.

And a quick shout out to the fx crew... They did a great job of creating the mountainous island background on a TV budget. It was nice to see some effort put into that.
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