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Re: Episode of the Week: 3x15 "Yesterday's Enterprise"

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There is no Trek movie (except for TMP) that didn't reuse footage from earlier films.
True, but Generations was the only one to use stock footage for the action climax. They even went as far to reuse two effects shots from Encounter at Farpoint.

Off the top of my head -

ST2 - Docking Enterprise, Enterprise leaving dock, Enterprise at Warp, Enterprise closeup after funeral
ST3 - Introduction, Genesis experiment, Enterprise at warp after being stolen
ST4 - Enterprise destroyed/Genesis, KBOP establishing shot, KBOP cloaking
ST5 - Spacedock
ST6 - Spacedock
Generations - Excelsior at warp, KBOP cloaking, KBOP explosion, TNG Enterprise shots
First Contact to Into Darkness - ???

I remember the FC trailer used a bunch of stuff from TNG, with a weird mockup of Voyager fighting a cube.
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