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Re: Wiped Episode Discoveries

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Ian Levine is confident we'll see 9 episodes tomorrow but Phil Morris (who denied finding the episodes earlier this year) is reportedly holding onto more.

Doctor Who Archive ‏@DWArchive 1h
@IanLevine are you suggesting Phil Morris has extensive episodes that he won't give back for free and wishes payment for their return?

Ian Levine ‏@IanLevine 1h
@DWArchive I think that's pretty much the gist of it, yeah. We know he's announcing 9 eps tomorrow. We don't know if he'll say anything else
So, sounds like Levine is confident in the "Enemy of the World and Web of Fear return" rumor with episode 3 of Web having a problem (not found, found but not ready, etc)

LOL @ The poster, Candlelight
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