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Re: Star Trek: To Boldly Go

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The more I think about it, the more I get the impression that Trek fans are a hindrance in themselves. They think other people would not understand something, even though that is complete bull.
It is rather ironic that some of the arguments for "needing" ties to the old continuity are similar to old arguments that were once used to kibosh the exercise of filming sci-fi at all. Better to give the viewers something "familiar" like a WWII or Western setting or a good solid cop or detective show, otherwise they might get confused and wander off.

I'm leaning further toward the theory that this is people unconsciously using the apocryphal "general audience" as a stand-in for preferences of theirs that they assume to be general.

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Exercising my brain a bit more, another aspect of the League might be a genuine "Hive" mind, especially if they encounter another race first that badmouths them/it.
It would be refreshing to see a Hive-mind/collective-mind concept that is non-evil as part of the League. Challenging to find a really fresh way to do it after the Borg, but not necessarily impossible.

Let us say the Hive methodically exploits each system it inhabits, terraforming and settling such systems until they are industrialized in the extreme.
Hm. Maybe a bit too close to Borg "assimilation"?

Another thing that might motivate fear on the part of encountering peoples is if the Hive's lifestyle is a genuinely materially attractive one, it's possible to join the "Hive" voluntarily... and the "Hive" makes that offer freely to one and all. Thus presenting the unwitting appearance of "seducing" people into its fold and "enslaving" them.

On this interpretation the Hive would not really be a species but a paradigm. Perhaps even a collectively-sentient ecosystem whose tech is organically based, whose plant-life is just as much a part of decision-making as its humanoids, and which converts worlds into verdant paradises instead of industrial parks.

In this scenario, one of the junior officers would likely be a Vulcan, to be impacted by the proximity of the Hive ship.
I think there are other telepathic races one could use. OTOH it might be fun to see a Vulcan character who for once is not a scientific uber-genius -- though surely knowing it is stereotypically expected of them by everyone, including other Vulcans -- but is a gifted and intuitive telepath, who cannot fully develop her gifts because they are rooted in emotion. Some genuine conflict with the Surakian standard in which the argument isn't rigged in favour of Surakian... ism.
I like both these ideas, a lot! The whole premise of a Hive mind you can simply join, that forms a total gestalt with entire ecosystems--not only fascinating but would probably seem weird in the extreme! Heh heh heh...

And while there've been Vulcans who seemingly did not take the Science route (Saavik for one--and there must have been Vulcan tactical and engineering personnel aboard USS Intrepid), I totally love your notion of one whose telepathy in effect has a big dose of empathy entwined. Might as well be a left-handed lesbian Hispanic Muslim in Arizona!

Also seems to me we've come up with two of the characters--young Miss Kirk and this deviant Vulcan.
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